Wanting Hosting and Web Design in Barnstaple ?

it seems so hard these days to find a decent web developer or coder to fit your needs. you seem to look everywhere. the yellow pages, on google and you never seem to understand all the technical mumbo jumbo. that’s when we stumbled upon a mid sized company that were happy to help. they were straight in to give us advice on what we wanted and knew exactly what they were doing.

I was looking for Web Design Barnstaple and then I stumbled across the guys at Digital Assassins, I guarantee if its something your looking for these guys can help. I wanted a web site developing for my car garage and they started off by setting up a domain for me.

Domain Names

that’s your www. and I had to choose a domain I chose a top level domain, a dot com. they helped me to realise that keeping my name as short as possible is the best option as its easy for the customer to remember, they said that it should also be relevant to either my company name or my company sector. I chose the best one I could with the help of the guys. I kept it as short and as simple as possible. next was onto setting up a hosting package I went through the checkout on the website and picked my hosting package I wanted. at first I was confused ?

Linux or Windows ?

Linux or windows ? that’s the big question when it comes to picking a hosting package. I picked up the phone and asked for some advice. they advised that Linux is the best for running wordpress packages and those quick installers. and that most out of the box software runs on Linux. I said well I have a windows computer why not just choose Windows. they said windows is fine if I am running a Microsoft based language such as ASP. I said o.k, I think I will go wih the Linux package.

Setting up

setting up was a breeze and once I paid on my card it took literally 10 minutes for my package to go live. once it was all set up I logged into my account and clicked on log into control panel, from there I could see all these shiny icons what I didn’t have a clue about. Luckily there was the live chat on the site so I was easily given help and advice on what all the icons meant.

the tuts

Upon speaking further they pointed me in the direction of some easy to use tutorals here is the link to the tutorial videos. they helped me with the install of my WordPress hosting and first WordPress theme install and logo set up. there is also tutorials there on setting up a mailbox and some other stuff, check it out at the link above.

the result

once I got to grips with the power of the WordPress interface I found it really easy to manage my way from section to section, I created a few pages, set up my menus and banged a few blog posts on for good measure and I was ready to go. I then purchased a seo package and this was easily set up aswell. they submit you to a handful of search engines and directories to get you going in the world of online marketing. while not a breeze to set up, I found with a helping hand that building my own site can be really easy and rewarding. so if you are looking for web design in Barnstaple give these guys a shout. link is above.

happy building !
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